“How do we control an injection pressure of 2,000 bar?“

The task Our task consisted of replacing defective slide injection molds used in the production of protective sleeves made of PET. Due to the high injection pressure of 2,000 bar, the often-repaired molds were susceptible to slide cracks that led to flash development on the molded parts because of an overloaded slide closing system.

To enable the components to lastingly withstand the high injection pressure levels, we developed a mold concept with what appeared at first glance to be an unconventional solution: a nozzle-side slide arrangement. The heavy-duty construction enables an extremely rigid and durable closing mechanism. The pilot mold we delivered passed the test: production-process reliability, no need for repairs and consistently high product quality. Our customer has replaced his entire line of molds with new Tanner molds of the same series.

Conclusion It pays to invest. Place your trust in our innovative strength to ensure profitable and sustainable production.

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