“Can Tanner supply a mold that just keeps running?“

The task A customer in Asia complained about the repeated jamming of unscrewing cores during the production of syringe barrels with Luer-lock threads. After just three months of operation, the unscrewing mechanism in the existing mold showed signs of wear. The frequent production downtimes and the high costs for replacement parts had made the purchase of a new mold unavoidable.

Solution The cause of the problem in molds for syringe barrels with Luer-lock threads is well-known: a poorly designed unscrewing mechanism. When the thermal expansion of the part is not sufficiently taken into consideration, it quickly leads to warping and tension when the system is in continuous operation, resulting in a jamming of the unscrewing cores. The solution is an unscrewing mechanism that has been engineered for tension-free operation. As simple as the solution sounds, arriving at it requires a solid understanding of the mechanical processes involved and considerable experience. We have specialized in edge-gate technology for Luer-lock threads for many years and were able to offer our customer a solution that eliminated the unscrewing core jamming. Our mold has since been in operation for years. It keeps running and running.

Conclusion Not every mold performs the way it is supposed to perform. And knowledge alone is not enough to find the right solution. Indeed, experience often makes the difference. Choose Tanner – at best, from the very beginning.

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