2-Series Modules

Edge-gated parts 

Typical products: medical needle sleeves, cartridge nozzles, protective sleeves and medium-sized parts made of PP and PS

Mold properties
Very compact, advanced mold concepts with seamless integration of the leak-proof Tanner hot runner technology with edge-gating.

Mold design The modular mold design provides optimal access for time-saving maintenance and enables the easy integration of an unscrewing system on the nozzle side.

Mold rigidity Outstanding mold rigidity thanks to the supporting hot runner design and excellent thermal stability.

Mold inserts Cavity modules that can be changed quickly and easily, complete with integrated gate components that can be installed or removed from the parting line.

Individual alignment Individually aligned mold inserts guarantee the highest degree of product concentricity and long mold service lives.

Unscrewing system Functionally reliable unscrewing system (pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical) for threaded collars. The drive components are positioned without tension and can be easily accessed from outside for easy replacement.

Mold layout For example: 96 cavities in an injection molding machine with a clamping force of 3,500 kN.

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