“Can we shorten the cycle time even further?”

Edge-gated parts with the 8-series module / pipette tips

The task A U.S.-based customer called to inquire whether it would be possible for us to shorten the cycle time for a new mold even further. The task: the new mold had to fit into the existing system while increasing the rate of production and ensuring the production of parts with the same high quality.

Solution We analyzed the existing mold concept with an eye to new technologies and materials and found a solution in the form of an optimized cooling system. Through the successful use of cutting-edge production technologies, we achieved something that had previously been impossible: enhanced cooling in the area of the core tip. The newly designed cooling channel led to a cycle time that was around 0.5 seconds shorter than that offered by the previous solution. This enabled our customer to increase the rate of production on the optimized system without sacrificing the quality of the product. The new mold now offers a 10 percent increase in output – day in and day out.

Conclusion Just like in sports, winning in the field of industrial applications and cutting-edge technology is sometimes a matter of mere tenths of a second. You can count on us when your goal is to finish in first place.

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