Plunger Rods

Edge-Gated Plunger Rods

Typical products: syringe plungers, spatulas and other pistons made of PP and PS

Mold properties
Advanced mold concepts with seamless integration of the leak-proof Tanner hot runner technology with edge-gating.

Mold design The modular mold design provides optimal servicing access, featuring a nested and preloaded arrangement with interchangeable inserts.

Gate modules Gate modules that can be quickly and easily changed, complete with integrated gate components that can be installed and removed from the parting line.

Mold inserts Intensively cooled, venting-optimized mold inserts enable short cycle times and the production of dimensionally stable molded parts.

Ejection function Active ejection on the nozzle side accelerates the completion of each cycle and guarantees the reliability of the production process.

Mold layout For example: 64 cavities in an injection molding machine with a clamping force of 3,500 kN.