Convincing Down to the Smallest Detail

Tanner’s injection molding technology reflects decades of experience and an uncompromising commitment to quality. Our injection molds meet the highest quality standards and ensure the profitable production of high-quality molded parts made of plastic.

Product quality We are specialized in molds for the production of long, slender and thin-walled products with directly cooled cores and contour inserts. We also produce high-performance molds for laboratory products, technical components and special applications. Common to all of them is our commitment to high quality and cost-effectiveness.

Concepts We develop our own injection mold concepts using cutting-edge CAE technology and can draw upon our extensive experience gathered in the field for more than 60 years. In the process, we focus on well thought-out designs, compact constructions and the use of high-grade materials. These are prerequisites in the course of the stable and sustainable operation of molding tools.

Molds The development of complex, multi-cavity molds requires a lot of experience and a comprehensive understanding of rheological and thermal design. Tanner has successfully realized many projects over the past several decades. Moreover, it has a wide array of standardized solutions and a wealth of specialized knowledge that is applied to the benefit of our customers.

Production Our production is characterized by clean, air-conditioned workplaces, as well as continuously modernized production facilities.

Precision Thanks to our very tight production tolerances, individual molding inserts and entire subassemblies can be easily changed or replaced without the need for on-site adjustments. Our molds ensure consistent and sustainable high performance and enable you to deliver high-quality well into the future.