The Cool Hot Runner Technology

The unique construction of the Tanner hot runner system offers unparalleled leak-proof performance and seamless integration in our system solutions. We have manufactured outstanding products and set standards in multi-cavity hot runner molds for the processing of classic bulk plastics for more than 60 years.

Leak-proof design The design of the Tanner hot runner system is fundamentally different than most other systems. Our hot runner system is virtually leak-proof, which means that the possibility of molten plastic leaking into the hollow spaces and electrical connections has been effectively eliminated. This helps you avoid costly leak-related production downtimes and clogged hot runner manifolds.

Since 1970 Tanner hot runner technology has been successfully used in industrial applications and developed in collaboration with our customers since 1970.

Edge-gating Tanner hot runner systems have featured edge-gate injection technology right from the beginning. These systems are designed to provide an ideal basis for achieving the best molding quality and appearance. Our technology enables hot runner solutions in many applications.

Mold rigidity A very high degree of mold rigidity is achieved by the tight integration of Tanner hot runner system technology and Tanner tool engineering. This and the minimal thermal impact from the hot runner system provide ideal conditions for the construction of high-performance multi-cavity molds that ensure highly consistent product quality. Our system solutions are no less than game changers.

Low maintenance All of the components in Tanner hot runner systems are developed, manufactured, assembled and inspected at our facility in Switzerland. The heating elements, temperature sensors and all other system components can be cleaned or changed by the system users themselves. This is an important prerequisite for ensuring the reliability, profitability and long service lives of our Tanner molds.